All of the case studies below were executed to the exacting standards and guidelines set out by the client.  The assistance provided was either open and inclusive or completely discreet.  

Case Study 1

A Government organisation had a restricted ability to operate in a specific security environment.  After a period of consultation and subsequent action, the limitations were overcome by combining and adjusting existing equipment and practices.  The organisation improved their operating capabilities to a point where they subsequently become the market leader; it also negated an equipment purchase of circa £10m. 

Case Study 2

Several elements of the Critical National Infrastructure were at a heightened risk from criminal and terrorist attack.  Detailed assessments of vulnerabilities and likely attack methods was conducted; and subsequent physical and procedural practices were put in place to minimise or in some cases negate the risk.

Case Study 3

An international operations management centre functioning in a sensitive arena became less effective over time due to declining circumstances.  After bringing together all of the disparate stake holders; policy, procedures and operating methods were streamed-lined building on and reinforcing earlier success.  A 30% increase in productivity followed.

Case Study 4

An individual had concerns over his capital asset exposure. Although detailed security measures could not be implemented due to the specific circumstances, the initial loss prevention methods used enabled a speedy recovery of that asset after it was stolen.  The physical and technical surveillance and evidential collection methods used enabled a later conviction of the individuals concerned.