Given the ever-evolving nature of technology, partnering with experts who have specialist
knowledge of systems and software is a smart choice. Astute Asset Security excel at delivering technological solutions within tight timeframes and budgets, and promise flexibility, security and integrity throughout.

Though we are experienced in all aspects of data storage, infrastructure and systems security,
we’ve no desire to overwhelm our clients with complex jargon. Whether dealing in virtualisation technology or system processes, we’ll strive to keep it clear and simple.

Our clients include government, defence and commercial sectors, whom we supply with systems, security and technical expertise. We take pride in the professional service we provide and in the capabilities of our highly-skilled specialists.

Some examples of what we can offer are:
  • Penetration testing (both via remote and on-site surveys)
  • Internal IT systems security
  • Covert tracking of your data assets
  • Devise resilient IT and business processes
  • Rapid response in the event of a major IT failure
  • Specialise in Business Continuity
  • Backup, recovery and archiving
  • Interfacing between you and your vendors
  • Technical resources
  • Covert assignments
  • Technical surveillance
  • Communications and tracking
  • Integration of non IT technology (GPS etc) into IT products

Even if you’re not technically-minded, you should always have the safety of your infrastructure
firmly in mind. At Astute Asset Security, we build systems that are safe, strong and stable - for
your peace of mind.